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Travel. The greatest word, next to Love, ever invented.

This next week I’m preparing for my trip to Croatia, Munich, and Istanbul. I’m incredibly excited for this summer because there are a lot of adventures coming soon! Not only am I going on the trip that I told you guys about in my last blog post, but I’m also going on two other trips.
My road trip from Kentucky to Las Vegas (and every where in between) is in June. Something I’m looking forward to for that trip is seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. I’ve dreamt about it since I was a kid!
In July, I’m spending a week or so in Munich, Germany with my Dad’s family. A highlight for that trip is the Neuwachstein Castle.

Lots of travel in the next few months and of course I will keep everyone updated.

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Are any of you going on any trips this summer? Where to?

Happy Travels!

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ISLP- What is it?

International Service Learning Program, ISLP for short, is a program that my university has for it’s students. As of right now, there are a total of 5 programs to choose from. In each program you get the opportunity to go to a different country and teach in a local school while traveling throughout that area. There is a program in Botswana, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, the Philippines, and I am currently in the Croatia one. These programs are made of groups of different disciplines. I am in the Communication discipline because that is my declared major.

In May, I will be traveling with a group of students, from the Nursing and Communications disciplines, to Croatia. In Croatia we will be going to Zagreb, Sisak, and surrounding areas and we will also be making stop-over’s in Munich, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey.
For 3 days we will be teaching a program in two local schools and the other days we will be traveling and absorbing as much culture as we can.

The program we have prepared for the students has been a semester long process between the 9 people in my discipline group. Health Messages is the over all concept of what we will be teaching the students. We made a workbook for the students consisting of fun activities about Health Messages so that they can learn as much as they can from us. Each discipline has a different workbook and overall message that they want to teach the students. Before the trip, each discipline comes together to teach the other disciplines about their own workbook so they are informed enough to help out with each workbook. I won’t go into too much detail but we will be working a lot with the students 🙂

 My Communications Group: (surprisingly all ladies)DSC_0037


I am extremely excited that I have the opportunity to go on an amazing trip. I can’t wait to emerge myself into different cultures while also giving back to the community. Although I am not fully done with the trip, I am already planning to go on the Belize trip next year if everything goes well.

I’m also excited to say that this will not be my only trip this summer. I am also doing a cross-country road trip from Kentucky to Nevada, and every place in between, and I am spending a week in Germany as well. If you want to follow me while I’m on this trip, and the other trips I’m taking this summer, make sure you add me on all of my social media websites because I will be posting as many pictures and posts as I can. My YouTube channel is the main reason I am on the internet so make sure to check out my videos because I will be posting videos every Sunday!


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Nice, France

When people think of France they typically think of Paris. The obvious reason behind this is because Paris is one of the biggest cities in Europe. Paris was absolutely beautiful but to be quite honest, I enjoyed Nice, in the French Riviera, a lot more. I spent 4 days in Paris and 4 days in Nice but I would have rather spent 3 days in Paris and 5 days in Nice- that’s how much I liked it!

Nice is a beautiful city right on the Mediterranean Sea. It has an average of a million people living there but has many visitors during the summer months. People claim that there is an average of 300 days of sunshine in Nice! I’m not sure about all that but when I was there, I had beautiful weather.


Let’s start with the Promenade des Anglais. This Promenade is a sidewalk all along the beach. People can bike, scooter, walk, etc. all along this sidewalk. It’s a pretty popular place for people to hang out and for festivals to set up here. I just happened to plan my trip to where we got to experience the Tour de France. We did not know this when we planned but it was an exciting thing to experience! The Tour de France people had all sorts of things lined up on the Promenade. Food, games, hanging out. It was a blast to experience.


The beaches are quite different from the beaches you would find in Florida. They are not the white sand beaches people are accustomed to. They are rock beaches. I would suggest to bring some water shoes if you want to get into the water because it’s actually pretty hard to walk on! I was in Nice in July and the water was pretty cold then. The Mediterranean is typically pretty chilly all year round.


The area where most restaurants were was called Old Town Nice. During the morning there is a famous flower market that is here and at night the restaurants clear it out and set up tables all along the center of the street. The atmosphere is very cool and laid back. Some of the food places are typical tourist traps but there are a few really nice restaurants.


Place de Masséna is typically considered the center of Nice. It’s a very large area filled with people, restaurants, and a beautiful fountain. A tram runs through the middle of it, which is excellent transport for people who are visiting Nice.


My favorite part of Nice was the Chateau de Nice. It was absolutely beautiful. It’s a decent climb, with many steps to get to the top but it is well worth it and the views from the top are stunning. Not only is the scenery great, there is also a lot of history. They had excavation sites where archaeologists were excavating the old Chateau that used to be there. Visiting Chateau de Nice is definitely something everyone should see and do while visiting Nice, France.


I could go on for awhile about how much I loved Nice but I encourage everyone to not only go to Paris but to visit other parts of France. Nice and the rest of the French Riviera was beautiful. France is so much more than just Paris.

Here is my Nice France Video if you’d like to watch

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The Beauty of The Palace of Versailles


The Palace of Versailles is located 45 minutes outside of Paris. Its a fantastic day trip if you are visiting Paris and I encourage everyone to take a visit.
In my sophomore year of high school, in my Humanities class, I had to do a project on a famous structure or building in the world. I picked Versailles because I thought it sounded interesting and I always dreamed of visiting France. I learned so much about this palace that it was so magical to finally see it in person. This place is magnificent, starting with the beautiful front gates. They are made of gold. The gold creates incredible designs.


As you step inside, you feel as if you are stepping back in time. There are thousands of paintings all over each room. Each painting is so precise and detailed it’s as if you could step right into them. 

Each room is lined with gold which puts an incredible emphasis on all the detail in the palace. The chandeliers aren’t like any I have seen before. Everything about this palace is magnificent. The fact that this was once Marie Antoinette’s home is pretty fantastic as well.


By far, my favorite part was the Hall Of Mirrors. I had heard about this Hall for years and years and it was just as beautiful as everyone described them! One side of the hall in lined with mirrors on mirrors and the other side has windows that are as tall as the ceiling. A truly magnificent part of the palace, with a lot of energy.

ImageThe gardens were awesome. I only wish I could have explored them more. I only had a few hours but you need a whole day to truly experience this palace and the gardens.


I am so happy that I had the chance to visit The Palace of Versailles. It was a dream come true. I love that Europe’s history is so much older than the United States. It truly feels like you are in another world at The Palace of Versailles.

 If you are interested, I created a video solely on my experience at Versailles. Here’s the link: The Palace of Versailles Video

Have you been to Versailles? If so, what was your favorite part?

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Top 5 in Paris, France

This past summer, in July, I got to visit a few places in France. One being Paris. Paris is an interesting city. To be quite honest, it wasn’t my favorite place I visited in France, but there is certainly a lot of great things that any travel guru must see! So I decided to make a list comprised of PARIS MUST SEE’S.

1. The Eiffel Tower


This is an obvious one. The Eiffel Tower is on everyone’s bucket list and it should be! When I finally saw this beast in person, it was awesome and very magical. My only regret is not going up in it. But it was still amazing to eat a crêpe underneath of it.

2. Arc de Triomphe


Not only is this arch absolutely beautiful, with intricate designs carved into it, it has a beautiful view from the top! Although you have to climb 284 steps to get there, it’s worth it. You can see all the cool sites of Paris from atop of it.


3. Notre Dame Cathedral


I did not see any hunchbacks while I was here, but it is absolutely beautiful. If you like history you must visit it if you are in Paris. I learned a lot while going through it and saw some very cool artifacts.


4. The Louvre


I’m not a huge fan of art but if you are in Paris, if would be a shame to miss some of the most famous paintings and sculptures, like Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and more, in the world.  Also, there are some times where the Louvre is free to the public so while you are planning your trip to Paris, try to fit your schedule around that.


5. The Seine


This river runs right though Paris. I truly did not feel that Parisian atmosphere until I took a cruise down the Seine. At night, people hang out all along the river for parties, romantic nights, or for boat-watching. Not only do you experience the local side of Paris but you also see the famous sights from different perspectives while cruising along.


Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty more that you should plan to see on your next trip to Paris. Although I could go on for hours talking about it, these are my top 5. Have you been to Paris? If so, what is your top 5?

If you are interested in seeing my subpar video on Paris here it is. I call it subpar because I was just learning about video editing at the time I edited this but enjoy either way 🙂

Paris Video






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Kittens Taking Over St. Thomas

Okay. Maybe they aren’t exactly ALL kittens.. but, cats are every where in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I! I stayed at Sugar Bay Resort and all through the resort were cat feeding stations.


For any other animal I would adore this idea, but I’m terribly allergic to cats. Whenever I am at someone’s home who has cats my eyes swell up and itch, my throat starts hurting and my voice gets so hoarse that I can barely talk. Sometimes the effects last for days. It’s very unpleasant. If you have animal allergies then you can probably understand. 

 So for the most part of this trip, I tried to stay far away from these cats. Other then to take a few pictures and videos, I didn’t even acknowledge that they were there. Obviously this was a smart thing to do because of my allergies. I traveled to St. Thomas with my mother and one of her best friends, Carol. Carol has cats of her own, so naturally she loved that the cats were on the island. 

One night, as Carol and I were walking back from a store, we saw this exact same cat that is pictured right here. 

Image It was rubbing on Carol’s legs, so as a cat lover, she bent down and played with it for a couple minutes. We then continued walking back to our room. When we got to our room we noticed that the cat had followed us. So Carol goes “go on kitty, you can’t come in here!” and I knocked on our door for my Mom to open it. Then the cat started running toward the door and to us and we started screaming “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!!!” but of course, it was too late. My Mom opened the door and the cat ran into the room. All of us started freaking out. It wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if I weren’t as allergic as I am.

We found the cat hiding under my Mom’s bed and Carol had to coax it out. After a few minutes, the cat finally emerged from underneath the bed and Carol snatched it up and took it back outside. I know all the cat wanted was some loving and some tasty snacks but luckily, we got it out in time before I had an allergic reaction.
After this incident, the cat followed us every where (it never tried to come into our room again.) It was nice to have a companion but never will we ever pet a stray cat again 🙂 Image

This is my new blog!

This is my new blog!

As a travel enthusiast and a travel youtuber, it has been one of my dreams to begin a blog about my travels and to help others with their travels. Some of you may know me from youtube: ( and maybe some of you just happened to stumble upon this blog. Either way, sit down and stay awhile 🙂

Hi, I’m Carson! I’m a travel enthusiast who is here to share my travels and to help people with their own travel experiences.
Travel is my passion. I bring my travel experiences to you but also help with other travel concerns! I upload on my youtube channel every Sunday and will eventually get a schedule for posts on this blog. This picture is of me in my natural habitat- when I’m traveling and experiencing new adventures.

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