ISLP- What is it?

International Service Learning Program, ISLP for short, is a program that my university has for it’s students. As of right now, there are a total of 5 programs to choose from. In each program you get the opportunity to go to a different country and teach in a local school while traveling throughout that area. There is a program in Botswana, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, the Philippines, and I am currently in the Croatia one. These programs are made of groups of different disciplines. I am in the Communication discipline because that is my declared major.

In May, I will be traveling with a group of students, from the Nursing and Communications disciplines, to Croatia. In Croatia we will be going to Zagreb, Sisak, and surrounding areas and we will also be making stop-over’s in Munich, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey.
For 3 days we will be teaching a program in two local schools and the other days we will be traveling and absorbing as much culture as we can.

The program we have prepared for the students has been a semester long process between the 9 people in my discipline group. Health Messages is the over all concept of what we will be teaching the students. We made a workbook for the students consisting of fun activities about Health Messages so that they can learn as much as they can from us. Each discipline has a different workbook and overall message that they want to teach the students. Before the trip, each discipline comes together to teach the other disciplines about their own workbook so they are informed enough to help out with each workbook. I won’t go into too much detail but we will be working a lot with the students 🙂

 My Communications Group: (surprisingly all ladies)DSC_0037


I am extremely excited that I have the opportunity to go on an amazing trip. I can’t wait to emerge myself into different cultures while also giving back to the community. Although I am not fully done with the trip, I am already planning to go on the Belize trip next year if everything goes well.

I’m also excited to say that this will not be my only trip this summer. I am also doing a cross-country road trip from Kentucky to Nevada, and every place in between, and I am spending a week in Germany as well. If you want to follow me while I’m on this trip, and the other trips I’m taking this summer, make sure you add me on all of my social media websites because I will be posting as many pictures and posts as I can. My YouTube channel is the main reason I am on the internet so make sure to check out my videos because I will be posting videos every Sunday!


Thanks for reading! Happy Travels



    1. The schools aren’t paying for us to be there.. We are paying to go there and we are paying for all accommodations and food. So, being in Croatia is excellent for their economy because we are giving back to local hotels, local restaurants, which ultimately helps boost their economy for having tourists and people visit their country. Not all countries/schools have enough money to pay local health professionals to do things like this. That’s why it’s a benefit for us to do this for free. We are no where near professionals, but we are well informed on the topics we discuss because we have been studying them in school and it ultimately our major.
      And if you think this isn’t a good opportunity for both parties, then I’m sorry, but Croatians absolutely love having us over (they have had us on tv stations, radio stations, etc. because of the work we do.)
      I don’t think a University would have a program like this if it didn’t benefit all people involved.

      Thanks for reading.

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