Top 5 in Paris, France

This past summer, in July, I got to visit a few places in France. One being Paris. Paris is an interesting city. To be quite honest, it wasn’t my favorite place I visited in France, but there is certainly a lot of great things that any travel guru must see! So I decided to make a list comprised of PARIS MUST SEE’S.

1. The Eiffel Tower


This is an obvious one. The Eiffel Tower is on everyone’s bucket list and it should be! When I finally saw this beast in person, it was awesome and very magical. My only regret is not going up in it. But it was still amazing to eat a crêpe underneath of it.

2. Arc de Triomphe


Not only is this arch absolutely beautiful, with intricate designs carved into it, it has a beautiful view from the top! Although you have to climb 284 steps to get there, it’s worth it. You can see all the cool sites of Paris from atop of it.


3. Notre Dame Cathedral


I did not see any hunchbacks while I was here, but it is absolutely beautiful. If you like history you must visit it if you are in Paris. I learned a lot while going through it and saw some very cool artifacts.


4. The Louvre


I’m not a huge fan of art but if you are in Paris, if would be a shame to miss some of the most famous paintings and sculptures, like Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and more, in the world.  Also, there are some times where the Louvre is free to the public so while you are planning your trip to Paris, try to fit your schedule around that.


5. The Seine


This river runs right though Paris. I truly did not feel that Parisian atmosphere until I took a cruise down the Seine. At night, people hang out all along the river for parties, romantic nights, or for boat-watching. Not only do you experience the local side of Paris but you also see the famous sights from different perspectives while cruising along.


Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty more that you should plan to see on your next trip to Paris. Although I could go on for hours talking about it, these are my top 5. Have you been to Paris? If so, what is your top 5?

If you are interested in seeing my subpar video on Paris here it is. I call it subpar because I was just learning about video editing at the time I edited this but enjoy either way 🙂

Paris Video






*all photos are mine unless stated otherwise*


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