Kittens Taking Over St. Thomas

Okay. Maybe they aren’t exactly ALL kittens.. but, cats are every where in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I! I stayed at Sugar Bay Resort and all through the resort were cat feeding stations.


For any other animal I would adore this idea, but I’m terribly allergic to cats. Whenever I am at someone’s home who has cats my eyes swell up and itch, my throat starts hurting and my voice gets so hoarse that I can barely talk. Sometimes the effects last for days. It’s very unpleasant. If you have animal allergies then you can probably understand. 

 So for the most part of this trip, I tried to stay far away from these cats. Other then to take a few pictures and videos, I didn’t even acknowledge that they were there. Obviously this was a smart thing to do because of my allergies. I traveled to St. Thomas with my mother and one of her best friends, Carol. Carol has cats of her own, so naturally she loved that the cats were on the island. 

One night, as Carol and I were walking back from a store, we saw this exact same cat that is pictured right here. 

Image It was rubbing on Carol’s legs, so as a cat lover, she bent down and played with it for a couple minutes. We then continued walking back to our room. When we got to our room we noticed that the cat had followed us. So Carol goes “go on kitty, you can’t come in here!” and I knocked on our door for my Mom to open it. Then the cat started running toward the door and to us and we started screaming “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!!!” but of course, it was too late. My Mom opened the door and the cat ran into the room. All of us started freaking out. It wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if I weren’t as allergic as I am.

We found the cat hiding under my Mom’s bed and Carol had to coax it out. After a few minutes, the cat finally emerged from underneath the bed and Carol snatched it up and took it back outside. I know all the cat wanted was some loving and some tasty snacks but luckily, we got it out in time before I had an allergic reaction.
After this incident, the cat followed us every where (it never tried to come into our room again.) It was nice to have a companion but never will we ever pet a stray cat again 🙂 Image


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